Supercharge Doctrine ODM and Mongo DB. Document behaviors to make development fast and simple.

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Want to add an Update Timestamp to a document?


Want to give a document Soft Delete?


Want to add validators to a field?


Want to add Access Control to a document?

@Shard\Permission\Basic(roles="admin", allow="*")

And lots more ...


Built by Zoop

Built at Zoop by @superdweebie and @crimsonronin on the shoulders of giants. The docs borrow heavily from bootstrap, with widgets from havok. Extension for Doctrine Mongo ODM. Validators from Mystique. Built for Php 5.4 with composer dependency management. Source managed through GitHub.

Packed with features

Over a dozen behaviourial extensions for documents, and a framework for building your own.

Great docs

We know that weather you are a newbie solo dev, or a busy professional business, great docs are what you want and need. Docs make good code great.